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Romans 1-
Pastor Doug Cross
Paul-Pastor Doug Cross
Jesus is and was Suffering-Pastor Doug Cross
Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning-
Pastor Doug Cross
Getting Sober for Christmas-Pastor Doug Cross
Getting the Sprit for Christmas-Pastor Doug Cross
Guest Speaker
Dinner With Genghis Khan-
Pastor Doug Cross
Mephibosheth-Pastor Doug Cross
Breathless-Pastor Doug Cross
Thanksgiving Sermon-Pastor Doug Cross
 New Beginnings-Pastor Doug Cross

Dinning With the Divine- Pastor Doug Cross

Some Thoughts on the Events of This Week- Pastor Doug Cross

Time for a Fresh Start - Pastor Doug Cross
"The God Who Can Be Trusted"
'Who Cares?"
Life in the Spirit 2 - Pastor Doug Cross
Life in the Spirit - Pastor Doug Cross
Lessons Learned on a Hike - Pastor Doug Cross
"Weeds" - Alan Hammer
Trials - Pastor Jansey Crespo
Guest Speaker - Rev. Darrell Fiddermon
Life in the Spirit - Pastor Doug Cross
The Battle Within - Pastor Doug Cross
The Strangest Father's Day Sermon You've Ever Heard - Pastor Doug Cross
It's Not Time to Quit - Pastor Doug Cross
Special Message - Bishop Gallapolli John
Set Free From the Law (Romans 7:1-6) - Pastor Doug Cross
Another Way to Live (Romans 6:15-23) - Pastor Doug Cross
The Strangest Mother's Day Sermon You Hvae Ever Heard - Pastor Doug Cross
Grace Changes Everything - Pastor Doug Cross
Listen to Your Mommy - Pastor Cross
After Easter, Now What? - Pastor Cross
Mary's Story and Ours - Pastor Cross
The Power of One - Pastor Cross
What "We" Now Know - Pastor Cross
Abraham, David, and You - Pastor Cross
A Turning Point - Pastor Cross
The Work of the Holy Spirit - Pastor Crespo
A World in Trouble - Pastor Cross
The Heart of the Matter - Pastor Cross
Without Excuse - Pastor Cross
Hope for a World in Trouble - Pastor Cross
Obligated and Never Ashamed - Pastor Cross
Romans, Laying the Foundation - Pastor  Cross
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone - Pastor Cross
New Beginnings - Pastor Cross
A Simple New Year's Resolution - Pastor Cross
Planning for the Future - Pastor Crespo