Pastor Doug Cross

Senior Pastor

Pastor Doug has been ministering in the Alexandria, Washington DC area for 18 years
and loves serving in this diverse, multicultural area. Along with his wife Mary, who is an occupational therapist, they love telling the story of Jesus whenever, and wherever, the Holy Spirit gives opportunity. Pastor Doug and Mary are the proud parents of two
daughters, Bethany and Lauren, as well as two amazing grandchildren. Bethany is
married to a former staff member of the church, and is now serving, along with her
husband, in a church in central Virginia. Lauren is a public school teacher in Fairfax
County and has just returned from three years of Christian Ministry in Ghana, West
Africa. In addition to Pastoring, Doug also serves as the Virginia/Maryland Regional
Superintendent for the Acts 12:24 Conference of the Free Methodist Church. Doug has a
heart for missions, and in the last few years has traveled to France, Spain, Ghana, India,
and England in pursuing ministry opportunities overseas. “A long, long, time ago in a
galaxy far, far away… “ Pastor Doug received his Master of Divinity Degree from Asbury
Theological Seminary, but believes the greatest teaching he has ever received has come
through relationships with other Christians, and more importantly, his relationship with