Russell Wilson

Adult Ministries

Russell Wilson of College Park, MD is the director of adult ministries at AFMC.  He organizes the church's six home Bible study groups and makes sure everyone at AFMC has the opportunity to get closer to God and connect with believers through home Biblestudies. The groups emphasize 
observing, interpreting, and seriously applying lessons from the Bible to everyday life.  

He has been attending AFMC since 2005, the year he married Elizabeth. Since then he has served as a youth group leader, as a Sunday School teacher of teens, and currently as a keyboardist, singer, and music arranger on the worship team.    

Russell is an active duty Gunnery Sergeant in the President's Own U.S. Marine Band, in which he plays the keyboard and accordion in any musical style for recordings, concerts, and background music all around the metro DC area. He and Elizabeth have four children: Barnabas, Naomi, Lydia, and Mary.